January 12 - February 17


Norris Cultural Arts Center, St. Charles, IL

Opening Reception:  

Sunday, January 27, 2-4pm


January 19 - February 16


Bloomingdale Park District Museum, Bloomingdale, IL

Opening Reception:

January 27, 2-4pm

March 3 - 30


Elmhurst Artists' Guild Gallery,

 Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst, IL

Opening Reception:  Friday, March 8, 7-9pm




Check out my solo show at the Elmhurst Art Museum!

I am a self-taught artist who has been exploring various avenues on my artistic journey over the past 45 years.  The EAG solo show "Collections" features selections from my past and present work, many themes and styles resulting from my collecting habits.  I tend to overdo, and amass hundreds of whatever I'm collecting, whether it be texture images, fabrics with scattered patterns, Funko POP figures, books, Star Wars stuff, bowls and dishes with feet, red stones, retro cocktail glasses, or any of my other collections. 

I began with theater costuming and graphic design, and then progressed through traditional quiltmaking and various art quilt techniques and styles.  My abstract compositions display passion for shape and color, and made use of my extensive fabric palette numbering over 12,000 pieces.  I then developed an innovative technique using cotton batik fabrics hand cut with scissors and assembled with a sheet of mounting adhesive.  These works featured abstract shapes and transparency effects accomplished with careful fabric choices. 

I then turned to photography, after receiving a Canon digital camera from my sons for my birthday eight years ago.  It was a place I had visited before, back in the old days of film and darkrooms, but the digital offered so much more.  I focused on local sites, collecting thousands of images from my backyard creek, auto junkyards, the Chicago Botanic Garden, Spring Valley Nature Center, the Illinois Railway Museum, and many other great facilities.  Originally used as stand-alone images, I quickly moved into using Photoshop's capabilities to combine them in layers or use as ingredients to create composite work.

In 2016-17, bored with sitting at the computer, I took a detour to explore paper collage techniques developed by Jonathan Talbot.  The abstract paper works feature hand-painted and hand-textured repurposed papers.  I enjoyed turning discarded materials into new works of art--it was fun, inexpensive and good for the environment, and gave me a chance to collect a whole new group of materials and supplies!

Currently, I am back on the computer creating what I like to call "Photo Collage".  Making use of my image collection of textures and landscape backgrounds, throwing in shapes taken from the fabric compositions or drawn with the computer mouse, I am creating "Visions", "Monsters", "Creatures", and most recently a series of abstracts inspired by a trip to Santa Fe.  The elements are digitally assembled using Photoshop's various layering techniques, and further enhanced with dimensional effects.



Sizes and Prices

Any of my fine art images are available for purchase.  I now accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover over the phone.  Please email me with the title or a description of the image, and the size you would like to order.  Prices that follow are for prints only--there would be an additional shipping charge.  Contact me for additional charges for mounting and matting. 

SQUARE:                                        1:2 RATIO:                                 2:3 RATIO:                              3:4 RATIO:

5" square                $10                9 x 18                $75                  5 x 7.5               $12                 6 x 8                $15

8" square                $20               10 x 20              $85                  6 x 9                   $15                 7.5 x 10         $20

12" square             $40               12 x 24              $110               8 x 12                $25                 9 x 12             $25

16" square             $95                                                                        10 x 15             $40                 12 x 16           $60 

20" square             $150            1:3 RATIO:                                11 x 16.5         $60                 15 x 20           $125

                                                              4 x 12                 $15                 12 x 18             $95                 18 x 24           $150

                                                             12 x 36               $150              16 x 24             $150

Standard size prints are also available, but be aware that some of the image would be cropped to fit into these formats:

5 x 7       $12                           8 x 10        $20                         11 x 14       $35                       16 x 20        $125

My work is copyrighted.  My signature will appear in the lower right hand corner of the print.  Much effort has been expended to show the colors as accurately as possible, but between the photography, my computer and your computer, some variation may occur.  To insure colors remain vibrant, avoid hanging the work in direct sunlight.  If you have any questions about purchasing any items shown on this website, please contact me by e-mail at joan@joanladendorf.com.